MASKELL, Dorothy A. L.

MASKELL, Dorothy A. L. (née Stede). 19?? — 1956. British Indologist (Pāli Scholar). Daughter of —> W. Stede. Ph.D. 1938 London. In 1940 still unmarried (called Stede). In 1949-56 Reader of Pāli at S.O.A.S. (succeeding her father). Husband George H. R. Maskell.

Publications: “The rôle of Alaṁkāra in Indian philosophy”, D. R. Bhandarkar Vol. 1940, 131-140.

Edited: Kaṅkhāvitaraṇī nāma Mātikaṭṭhakathā. Buddhaghosa’s commentary on the Pātimokkha. 216 p. PTS Text series 47. L. 1956.

Sources: Scanty stray notes in Internet.

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