MASON, Francis

MASON, Francis. York 2.4.1799 — Rangoon 3.3.1874. Rev. British Missionary in Burma, a Scholar of Pāli and Karen. Born in York “where his grandfather had founded a Baptist Society, in 1818 joined an uncle in the United States and went thence [in 1830] as a Missionary to India and Burma. For years laboured among the Karens.” Professor of Pali at Government High School in Rangoon. In 1873 living in Madras. Died after a journey to Bhamo. Married. Doctor of Divinity.

Publications: A Pali Grammar on the Basis of Kachchayano, with Chrestomathy and Vocabulary. Translated and arranged on European models, with chrestomathy and vocabulary. 209 p. B.I. 59. Calcutta 1867-68.

grammars of the both dialects of Karen language; translated the Bible into Karen (1853).

The natural products of Burmah, or notes on the fauna, flora and minerals of the Tenasserim provinces, and the Burman empire. 1850, two rev. editions.

The Story of a Working Man’s Life, Burma. N.Y. 1870 (autobiography).

Sources: Buckland, Dictionary; Wikipedia with picture.

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