MASPÉRO, Henri. Paris 15.12.1883 — Buchenwald 17.3.1945. French Sinologist. Son of the Egyptologist Gaston Maspéro (1846–1916, of Italian origin), started himself with a study on Hellenistic Egypt, but soon turned into Sinology under —> Chavannes. In 1908-20 in Hanoi (É.F.E.O.), then Professor of Chinese at Collège de France in Paris in 1919-44. Arrested with his wife, Hélène Clerc, because their son was fighting against Nazis and sent to the camp, where he died three weeks before the coming of Americans.

Publications: Mission archéologique au Tchö-kiang. 1914; Dialecte de Tch’ang-ngan sous les T‘ang. 1920; Mythologie de la Chine moderne. 1928; and many further Sinological works; also some early works on Vietnamese and Thai.

La Chine antique. 1927, rev. 2nd ed. 1955.

Les documents chinois de la troisième expédition de Sir Aurel Stein en Asie Centrale. 1953.

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