GRESSETH, Gerald K. Portland Ore. 7.9.1918 — Salt Lake City 3.12.2003. U.S. IE and Classical Scholar. Son of Carl Otto Gr. and Bernice Barnett. B.A. 1941 Reed College, then served in the navy. Ph.D. Berkeley. Taught at Stanford, then at University of Utah, where also teaching Sanskrit (in the late 1980s). Twice married, with Corinine Stuart (4 years only) and Elbridge W., four daughter ( His college ( has different account: married 38 years with Marian Driggs, four daughters and one son.
Publications: Studies on Homer.
– “The Odyssey and the Nalopākhyāna”, TAPA 109, 1979, 63-85.
Sources: Brief obituary in Deseret News (, in and in

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