MENANT, Joachim

MENANT, Joachim. Cherbourg 16.4.1820 — Paris 30.8.1899. French Assyriologist, also interested in Iranian. Married, father of —> D. M. Originally a lawyer (studies at Caen), he accepted early the Akkadian decipherment of Rawlinson, Oppert et al. and soon became an influential scholar. Worked in administrative positions until retirement in 1890.

Publications: Zoroastre. Essai sur la philosophie religieuse de la Perse. 2nd ed. 28+212 p. P. 1857.

Inscriptions Assyriennes des briques de Babylone. P. 1859; Les écritures cunéiformes. P. 1860; Recueil d’Alphabets. P. 1860; Exposé des éléments de la grammaire Assyrienne. P. 1868; and much else, also on Mesopotamian art and law.

Sources: Wikipedia (more details in French version).

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