MENRAD, Joseph

MENRAD, Joseph. 22.3.1861 — 1929/30. German (Bavarian) Schoolteacher interested in Indology. School and also studies in Munich (Sanskrit and Classics). Ph.D. Teacher in gymnasiums in different places, in the end school director of Willibald-Gymnasium in Eichstätt (1921-26). He began the complete German translation of the Rāmāyaṇa, of which only the first Kāṇḍa appeared.

Publications: De Contractionis et Synizeseos Usu Homerico. 215 p. Monachii 1886 (diss.?), and other writings on classical philology.

Translated: Vâlmîkis Râmâyaṇa. Das Lied vom Kœnig Râma, ein altindisches Heldengedicht des Vâlmîki in sieben Büchern. 1. Erstes Buch. 52+307 p. München 1897.

Sources: Stray notes in Internet.

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