MICHEL, Charles

MICHEL, Charles. Tournai 1853 — 1929. Belgian Classical Scholar interested in Sanskrit. Dr. en philosophie et lettres. Docent at Liège until 1885, in 1885-1892 Professor at Gand and from 1892 at Liège. He was mainly a Greek scholar, but also interested in Indology and started the Sanskrit teaching at Liège (which he then left to Mansion, but still taught Greek around 1924). According to RHR 10, 1884 he was preparing an edition of the Pañcatantra. N.B. there is another ChM (1853–1920), Belgian diplomat in China.

Publications: compiled Indices of 28 p. to Ch. de Harlez’s Avesta translation, publ. in vol. 3. Liège 1878.

continued the abridged French translation of Kern’s Histoire de Bouddhisme de l’Inde after Collins’ death. The whole work was published in the RHR 3-7, 1881-83, Michel’s part in 7, 1883, 34-62.

Recueil d’inscriptions grecques. 1???; Les religions des peuples classiques. 1???.

Sources: Briefly in Dictionnaire des Belges.

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