MILES, William

MILES, William. 1780 — 21.5.1860. British Colonial Officer in India. Major-General. In 1800 joined the Bombay Native Infantry, served in Baroda. “Made a treaty in 1820 with the Raja of Rodanpur, commanded a regiment in the first Burmese war, took Mergui. Made a treaty with the Suigam chiefs, in Gujarat, in 1826. Political Officer at Palanpur, 1829.” Retired in 1834.

Publications: translated: History of Hyder Naik. 513 p. 1842 (Haidar Ali); History of the Reign of Tipu Sultan. 1844.

articles in Tr. of the Bombay Lit. Soc.

Sources: Buckland, Dictionary; stray notes in Internet.

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