MILEWSKI, Tadeusz. Kołomyja 17.5.1906 — Cracow 5.3.1966. Polish IE, Slavic, Amerindian and General Linguist. Professor in Cracow. In 1925-29 studies of Slavic at Lwów, Ph.D. 1929 there. In 1929-31 further studies of IE and Sanskrit at Cracow (under Rozwadowski and Willman-Grabowska) and 1931-33 in Paris (Meillet, Vendryes, Benveniste). PD 1933 Cracow. In 1939-40 imprisoned in German concentration camp. In 1945-50 Professor of General Linguistics at Catholic University of Lublin, in 1949-66 at Cracow.

Publications: L’indo-hittite et l’indo-européen. Cracovie 1935.

Zarys językoznawstwa ogólnego. 1-3. Lublin & Kraków 1947-48; Jęzukoznawstwo. Warszawa 1965, tr. Introduction to the Study of Language. the Hague 1973.

Indoeuropejskie imiona osobowe. Wrocław 1969.

– “Similarities between the Asiatic and American Indian languages”, IJAL 26, 1960, 265-274; “Linguistic contacts between the peoples of America and Asia in the Precolumbiab era”, Ling. Posn. 11, 1966, 7-33; further works on West Slavic and on Amerindian languages.

Sources: M. Kaczmarkowski, Lex. gramm. 1996, 642; *Polish and Russian Wikipedia.


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