MILMAN, Henry Hart

MILMAN, Henry Hart. London 10.2.1791 — 24.9.1868. British Priest and Theologian interested in Sanskrit. Son of Sir Francis M., a physician, educated at Eton and Oxford. B.A. 1814, M.A. 1816. In 1816 ordained as priest. In 1821-31 Professor of Poetry at Oxford. Studied Sanskrit from books in order to be able to discuss Indian poetry in his lectures, later had H. H. Wilson as adviser. His Oriental interpretation of the Old Testament history created a small scandal in 1830. From 1835 Canon of Westminster, from 1849 Dean of St.Paul’s. B.D. & D.D. 1849. Married with Mary Ann Cockell, four sons and two daughters.

Publications: Nala and Damayanti and other poems translated from the Sanskrit into English verse. 8+148 p. 1835 (from Mbh & Rām.); Nalopākhyānam. Story of Nala. An episode of the Mahā-bhārata. Sanskrit text, with a copious vocabulary and improved version of Milman’s transl. 346 p. Oxford 1860; transl. also publ. Oxford 1881.

History of the Jews. 1-3. 1830; The History of Latin Christianity. 1855.

new edition of Gibbon’s Decline and Fall. 1838, and many editions.

edited: Horatius. 1849; transl. Agamemnon and Bacchae. 1865.

also wrote poetry and dramas.

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