MINDEROVIĆ, Čedomir. Belgrad 31.10.1912 — New Delhi 16.1.1965. Yugoslavian (Serbian) Author interested in India. Lost early his parents. After difficult childhood he started literary work and political activity in the age of 17 and was often persecuted for them but he was a convinced Marxist. In 1941 he was among the first volunteers to join Tito’s forces and became political commissaire of the Belgrade Battalion. Later he was member of political section of Proletarian Brigade of several East Bosnian units. Also worked as correspondent of the newspaper Borba. In 1944 deputed to work in the propaganda department of Supreme Staff in Italy, but returned before the end of the war. After the war worked as author and journalist, for six years Secretary-General of the Union of Writers of Yugoslavia. Travelled widely. As Cultural Counsellor at Yugoslavian Embassy in New Delhi he learnt to know India and these experiences had a lasting influence on his writing. In 1964 second journey to India. Back in Yugoslavia he left the hospital too soon after a heart attack in order to get again to India in time and died only ten days after his arrival. Married, his wife also translated Indian literature.

Publications: Novels and autobiographical works, poetry, dramas, travel books.

Tragovi Indije. 161 p. Sarajevo 1966.

Serbo-Croatian translations of Indian literature.

Sources: S. Sadiqali, Indo-Asian Culture 15, 1966, 248-251; Serbian Vikipedija.

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