MINORSKY, Vladimir

MINORSKY, Vladimir (Vladimir Fedorovič Minorskij). Korčeva (obl. Tver) 6.12.1877 — Cambridge 25.3.1966. Russian Orientalist in the U.K. Professor in London. In 1896-1900 studied law at Moscow, then at Lazarev Institute. Frirst visit to Persia in 1902. In Russian diplomatic service 1904-1919 (1904-08, 1911, 1915-17 in Persia), then emigrated to France (from 1923 taught Persian at É.L.O.V.) and in the early 1930s to England. Teaching at S.O.A.S.: 1932 Lecturer, 1933 Reader, 1937 Professor of Persian Studies. Retired in 1944. He was a specialist of Persian and Central Asian history of the early Islamic period.

Publications: works on Persian and Central Asian history.

Sources: *C. E. Bosworth, A Century of British Orientalists 1902–2002. Oxford 2001, 202-218; *D. M. Lang, BSOAS 29, 1966, 694-699; JRAS 1967; NAA 1966:6, 150-153; Wikipedia with photo.

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