MIRONAS, Ričardas

MIRONAS, Ričardas Gabrielius. Zaysan, Kazakhstan 5.4.1908 — Vilnius 26.4.1979. Lithuanian Linguist and Classical Philologist interested in Sanskrit and Comparative IE. Professor in Vilnius. Son of Petras M. and Lioni Mironiené. Graduated 1933 from Kaunas University, then studied Indology at Sorbonne. From 1935 schoolteacher in Kaunas and Vilkaviškis. From 1944 Assistant Instructor, from 1946 Associate Professor at Kaunas University, from 1950 Professor at Vilnius University, taught linguistics and classical and French philology.

Publications: Translated: Dvylika Rig-vėdo himnų. 68 p. Kaunas 1939; Pančatantra. 311 p. Vilnius 1990.

Orijų kalbos žodynas. 119 p. Vilnius 1972 (Dictionary of Oṛiyā).

Translated: Aeschylus, Prometheus Bound (Prikaltasis Prometėjas). 1947 (= kand.diss.).

Kalbotyros invades. 105 p. Vilnius 1969 (Introduction to Linguistics); Kalbos mokslo pagrindai. 1971 (Principles of Linguistics); other works.

Sources: Encyclopedia Lituanica 3, Boston, Mass. 1973; *Lithuanian Vikipedija with photo; parents and second name in geni.com.

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