MISTELI, Franz. Aesch, Solothurn 11.3.1841 — Brunnen 6.10.1903. Swiss IE, Indo-Iranian and Classical Scholar. Professor in Basel. After Canton School of Solothurn studies at Zürich, Bonn, Geneva, and Paris. Schoolteacher at gymnasium in St.Gallen in 1865-72 and in Solothurn in 1872-77. From 1873 PD für Sanskrit und Sprachvergleichung at Bern. From 1874 eo. Professor and from 1877 Professor of Comparative Linguistics at Basel University, until his death.

Publications: “Ueber medial-endungen”, KZ 15, 1866, 286-302, 321-348 (in Sanskrit and Greek).

– “Ueber die accentuation des griechischen”, KZ 17, 1868; 19, 1870; 21, 1873 (147 p.).

Sources: Hist.-Biogr. Lex. der Schweiz 5; *S. Simonyi, F.M. Denkrede. Lp. 1912 (with photo, now on Basel Univ. home page); German Wikipedia briefly.

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