MITCHELL, John Murray. Garvock near Aberdeen 19.8.1815 — Leith, Edinburgh 14.11.1904. Rev. British (Scottish) Missionary in India. Son of Rev. James M. and Margaret Gordon. Educated and studied in Aberdeen, M.A. 1833 (Marischal College). Ordained in 1838 (Church of Scotland) and immediately sent to Bombay. “Taught in the Free General Assembly’s Institution and College in Bombay, and afterwards at Poona, 1844-66…” Thus Buckland, but Wikipedia says that he returned three years earlier, was 1863-66 Minister of Broughty Ferry near Dundee. Back in India, in 1868-73 Principal of Duff College in Calcutta. Now also participated in establishing the Santal Mission. Again returned to Scotland, last time in India 1880-82 and from 1888 in Nice. LL.D. 1858 Marischal College. Duff Missionary Lecturer in 1895-1903. Also knew Sanskrit. Married 1842 Mary Hay Flyter, no children.

Publications: Metrical transl. of sarga 1 of the Raghuvaṁśa, JBRAS 1:6, 1843, 308-319.

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In Western India. Recollections of My Early Missionary Life. 408 p. Edinburgh 1899.

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