MITCHELL, John Murray

MITCHELL, John Murray. Aberdeen 1814/15 — ?.11.1904. Rev. British (Scots) Missionary in India. Ordained in 1838 and went immediately to Bombay. “Taught in the Free General Assembly’s Institution and College in Bombay, and afterwards at Poona, 18?4-66. Was the first Indian Missionary to receive the degree of LL.D. An accurate scholar, well versed in Mahratti. Was for a time Minister of the English Free Church of Scotland in Calcutta. After leaving India he was Presbyterian Minister at Nice for some years.” Duff Missionary Lecturer in 1895-1903. Married with Mary Hay Flyter.

Publications: Metrical transl. of sarga 1 of the Raghuvaṁśa, JBRAS 1:6, 1843, 308-319.

– “The Story of Tukárám”, JBRAS 3:1, 1849, 1-29 (tr. from Marathi); other articles in JBRAS.

– “Tukârâm”, IA 11, 1882, 57-66 (with translations); “Paṇḍharpûr”, ibid. 149-156.

Letters to Indian Youths on the Evidence of the Christian Religion. Madras1861, 11th ed. 1894; Biography of the Rev. Robert Nesbitt, Missionary.

Hinduism Past and Present. L. 1885, rev. ed. 1897; The Great Religions of India. 287 p. Edinburgh 1905.

In Western India. Recollections of My Early Missionary Life. Edinburgh 1899.

Sources: Buckland, Dictionary;

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