MLADENOW, Stefan. Vidin 27.12.1880 — Sofia 1.5.1963. Bulgarian IE and Slavic Linguist. Professor in Sofia. After school in Vidin studies in 1898-1902 at Sofia, 1903-04 at Vienna (under Kretschmar), 1904-05 at St.Petersburg (Baudouin de Courtenay). Ph.D. 1905 Prague (Czech University, in Slavic Studies). From 1910 PD, 1919 ao. and 1921 ord. Professor of General, Comparative and IE Linguistics at Sofia University. He started as Slavist, but was later more interested in IE, also in Albanian, Iranian, Old Indian as well as in Arabic and Turkic. A Neo-Grammarian.

Publications: Diss. on changes of grammatical gender in Slavic, Prague 1905 (manuscript).

A study of early Germanic loans in Slavic. 1908; Geschichte der bulgarischen Sprache. 14+354 p. B. 1929.

– “Aind. ambhṛṇás”, KZ 44, 1911, 370-372.

 Sravnitelno indoevropejsko ezikoznanie. 504 p. Sofia 1936.

An etymological and orthographical dictionary of Bulgarian. 1941; many further works and articles.

Sources: *V. Georgiev, life and bibliography in Studia linguistica in honorem acad. S. Mladenov. Sofia 1957 (in Bulgarian); V. Koseska-Toszewa, Lex. gramm. 1996, 644f.; B. Paraschkewow, WZBerlin 33:5, 1984, 534; Wikipedia with photo (rather uninformative eulogy, much more in *Bulgarian version).

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