MODDER, Frank (Francis Huson Lowe). Colombo 4.6.1861 — 5.6.1916. British Colonial Officer in Ceylon. Major. Member of Ceylon Asiatic Society from 1890. Chief Justice. Married with Edith Blanche Joseph, father of Montagu Frank Modder (1891–1958), Professor of English.

Publications: Articles on geology and antiquities of Ceylon in JRAS-CB, e.g.: “The Animal-Shaped Rocks of Kuruṇégala”, 11:40, 1890, 377-425; “Siṇhalese Weights and Measures”, 12:43, 1892, 173-202; “Kurunẹ´gala Vistaraya; with Notes on Kurunẹ´gala, Ancient and Modern”, 13:44, 1893, 35-57; “Ancient Cities and Temples in the Kurunẹ´gala District: Yápahuwa”, 13:44, 1893, 97-114 & 14:47, 1896, 118-124, 134-154 & 15:48, 1897, 23-37.

Handbook to Kurunegala and its neighbourhood: “the city of the Elephant Rock,” etc. 7+38 p. Colombo 1894.

A handbook to the elephant kraals in the Kurunegala District, North-Western Province, Ceylon: with special reference to charms and incantations practised on elephants, and notes on elephant language, elephant keepers…: and containing a guide to the forthcoming kraal…: and an account of the historical ruins at Yapahuva. 52 p. (Colombo?) 1902.

Manual of the Puttalam District of the North-western Province of Ceylon. 9+183 p. Colombo 1908 (new ed. as Gazetteer of the…).

– The Principles of Kandyan law. 17+6+107+223 p. Galle L. 1902 (a standard work, new ed. L. 1914).

Sources: Death noted in JRAS-CB 26:70-1, 1917;

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