MØLLER (Möller), Martin Thomas Hermann

MØLLER (Möller), Martin Thomas Hermann. Hjerpsted, Tonder 13.1.1850 — Copenhagen 5.10.1923. Danish Germanic and IE Linguist. Professor in Copenhagen. Son of J. G. M. Møller (1816–91), a minister, and Ida Knuth (1819–1913). Grew up in Kejtum, matriculated 1867 from Flensburg. In 1867-72 studied classical philology and history at Kiel, Leipzig (Curtius), Munich, and Berlin, in 1874-75 at Breslau and Leipzig. Ph.D. 1875 Leipzig. PD 1878 Kiel. In 1882-1921 Professor of Germanic Linguistics at Copenhagen. Married in 1884 with Sophie Mylord (1851–1933). Few accepted his theory about the genetic relationship between IE and Semitic languages.

Publications: diss. Die Palatalreihe der indogermanischen Grundsprache im Germanischen. 1875.

three books on supposed IE–Semitic contacts, 1906-11, much on Germanic.

Sources: H. Bach, D.B.L. 10, 1982, 235f.; German Wikipedia.

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