MOORE, Justin Hartley

MOORE, Justin Hartley. 1884 — 19??. U.S. Indologist. Ph.D. 1908 Columbia University, New York (under Jackson). Later on, one Justin Hartley Moore was the dean of a business school in New York and wrote on financial mathematics, but also a novel.

Publications: Edited the Itivuttaka in 1907.

diss. Sayings of the Buddha, the Iti-vuttaka. A Pāli Work of the Buddhist Canon. Translated. 142 p. Indo-Ir. Ser. 5. N.Y. 1908.

– “Metrical Analysis of the Pāli Iti-vuttaka, a Collection of Discourses of Buddha”, JAOS 28, 1907, 317-330.

A text book of French. 1915.

Sources: Only book references in Internet.

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