MORRIS, John Carnac

MORRIS, John Carnac. 16.10.1798 — Jersey 2.8.1858. British Civil Servant and Telugu Scholar in South India. Son of John M., of Bombay Civil Service. Midshipman in Royal Navy in 1813-15, then at Haileybury in 1815-17. In 1818 joined Madras Civil service. “Had paralysis, 1823; Telugu Translator, 1832; Accountant-General, 1839. Established the Madras Government Bank, 1834, and was Superintendent, 1835… A keen freemason. Retired in 1846. Embarked in commercial enterprise, Chairman of a Bank which was wound up in 1858.” Retired to Jersey and died soon. Married with Rosanna Curtis, father of —> Henry M. and other sons.

Publications: compiled Telugu dictionaries (English–Telugu 1835), selections (1823) and other works.

From 1834 edited the Madras Journal of Literature and Science.

Sources: Buckland, Dictionary; S. Lee, D.N.B. 39, 100f.; Wikipedia (all from Lee).

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