NOER, Graf von

NOER, Prince Friedrich Christian Charles Augustus Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Augustenburg, Graf von. Slesvig (Schleswig) 16.11.1830 — Noer 25.12.1881. German-Danish Prince, Officer and Historian, from 1870 Graf (Count) von Noer (Prussian title). Son of Graf Friedrich Emile August von Noer and his wife Henriette, Gräfin von Danneskiold-Samsøe. Grew up in Sleswig and in the estate of Noer. “Served under his father in the insurrectionary [German] Army of Schleswig-Holstein, 1848-9; travelled through Egypt, Australia, India, and Asia Minor, 1849-50. Entered, as a Fellow-Commoner, at Trinity College, Cambridge, 1852, stayed there 18 months. Studied at Heidelberg, and Paris, languages and historical monuments… Read Sanskrit with Goldstücker in London. To India in 1865. Returned to Noer, near Kiel; again visited India, June 1867 – April 1869, travelled in Mysore, to Calcutta, and Upper India; became enthusiastic about Akbar… Resided many years in England and France, attained considerable literary eminence.” Unlike his father he was never much interested in politics and military matters. Left his manuscripts to Cambridge University. Married 1870 Carmelita (Carmen) Henriette Louise Mathilde Eisenblat (1848–1912), two daughters.

Publications: Altes und Neues aus den Lindern des Ostens. 240 p. Hamburg 1859 (under the pen-name “Onomander”).

Kaiser Akbar. Ein Versuch über die Geschichte Indiens im sechszehnten Jahrhundert. 1-2. 23+516, 12+600 p. Leiden 1881-85 (2. ed. by G. von Buchwald).

 Friedrich August Prinz von Schleswig-Holstein-Augustenburg, Graf von Noer: Briefe und Aufzeichnungen aus seinem Nachlass. Hrsg. von Carmen, Gräfin von Noer [his widow]. 225 p. Nördlingen 1886.

Sources: JRAS Proc. 1882, iii-viii; Buckland, Dictionary; German Wikipedia (as Friedrich August von Noer).

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