OLMSTEAD, Albert Ten Eyck

OLMSTEAD, Albert Ten Eyck. Troy, NY 23.3.1880 — Chicago 11.4.1945. U.S. Oriental Scholar (Assyriologist and Historian). Professor in Chicago. Son of Charles O. and Ella Blanchard. Studies at Cornell University (A.B. 1902, A.M. 1903, Ph.D. 1906). In 1904-05 Fellow in American School of Oriental Research in Jerusalem, 1906-07 in Am. School of Classical Studies in Athens. In 1907-08 Director of Cornell University Expedition to Asia minor and the Assyro-Babylonian Orient). In 1908-09 Instructor in Greek and Latin at Princeton Preparatory School. Then taught Ancient History at University of Missouri: 1909-11 Instructor, 1911-14 Assistant Professor, 1914-17 Associate Professor. In 1917-29 Professor of Assyrian and Oriental History at University of Chicago and Curator of Oriental Museum. From 1929 to death Professor of Oriental History at Oriental Institute, Chicago. Married 1913 with Cleta Ermine Payne, three daughters.

Publications: Diss. publ. as Western Asia in the days of Sargon of Assyria. Lancaster PA 1908.

Travels and Studies in the Nearer East. 1911.

Assyrian historiography. Columbia Mo. 1916; History of Assyria. N.Y. 1923.

History of Palestine and Syria. 1931; Jesus in the light of History. N.Y. 1942.

History of the Persian Empire. Ed. by G. G. Cameron. Chicago Ill. 1948.

Minor works and articles.

Sources: J. A. Wilson, BASOR 99, 1945, 1-4; Who Was Who in Am. 2; briefly in German Wikipedia.

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