OLSCHAK, Blanche Christine

OLSCHAK, Blanche Christine. Vienna 24.7.1913 — Zürich 25.6.1989. Austrian Journalist and Tibetan Scholar in Switzerland. Studied Political Science at Graz (Ph.D. 1937), then Tibetan and Buddhism, a disciple of A. David-Neel. From 1946 living in Zürich (after her husband had died in a camp). Travels in the Himalayas, Indonesia, Mongolia and East Asia in the late 1940s. Worked as author and journalist. Active on behalf of Tibetan refugees in Switzerland. In 1981 Austrian title of Professor. A feminist.

Publications: Tibet: Erde der Götter. 137 p. Zürich & St. 1960.

Die Heiterkeit der Seele; Motive tibetischer Lebensphilosophie. 152 p. Schwarzenburg 1961; Religion und Kunst im alten Tibet. Zürich 1962.

Les empreintes du pied et les signes de la main du Bouddha. Basel 1968.

translated: Perlen alttibetischer Literatur. 192 p.

ed. & tr. with Thupten Wangyal: Konchog Tänpä Dönmé, Spiritual Guide to the jewel island / Geistiger Führer zur Juweleninsel. 232 p. UNESCO Collection. Zürich 1973.

Ancient Bhutan: a study on early Buddhism in the Himalayas. Zürich 1979; Bhutan: Königreich im Himalaya. Freiburg i. B. 1983; The Dragon Kingdom. Boston MA 1989.

Other works and articles, also unrelated with Tibet.

Sources: an advertisement of her two posthumously issued books (P.at Lit. & Hk. d. S.), with photo; Wikipedia.

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