XAVIER, Jerónimo

XAVIER, Jerónimo (Hieronymus Xaverius). Buro, Diocese of Pamplona, Navarra 1549 — Goa 27.6.1617. S.J. Spanish Missionary in India. Grand-nephew of —> Francisco X. Joined S.J. in Alcala in 1568 and came 1571 to India. Worked eight years as Rector of College in Bassein and Cochin, then two years as Superior in Goa and one year as Master of novices and from 1584 Profession. In 1594 he was sent to the Mughal Court in Lahore and worked 23 years there, alternatingly in favour and in prison. In 1617 he returned to Goa, but died soon as Archbishop elect of Cranganore.

Publications: Wrote Christian works in Persian.

Sources: Father Felix, “Jesuit Mission in Lahore”, JPHS 5, 1916 (1918), 55–99 (esp. p. 75); portrait in JRAS-MalBr 9, 1931, pl. xxix.

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