ZAKO, Anton (Zako-Çajupi)

ZAKO, Anton (Zako-Çajupi). Sheper in South Albania 27.3.1866 — Cairo 11.6.1930. Albanian Poet and Translator of Indian Literature. Zako was his real name, Çajupi a nom-de-plume. He was Orthodox Christian and spent most of his life in Egypt. Studied law in Switzerland, but practised little. Married, one child.

Publications: Lulé te hindit. 44 p. Cairo 1922 (Flowers of India, poems transl. from Sanskrit).

Published poetry since 1902, then republ. as: Stihotvorenija. Perevod s albanskogo. 102 p. M. 1952; Pëvratta në vjersna. Tirana 1954; Vepra. Tirana 1957; Shqipëtar. 1964; Poezia. 1966.

Sources: Albanian encyclopedia contains a long article on him, but I cannot read it; life dates in; briefly in S. Skendi, The Albanian National Awakening. Princeton 1967, 125.

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