VEYSSIÈRE DE LACROZE, Mathurin (M. V. de La Croze). Nantes 4.12.1661 — Berlin 21.5.1739. French Oriental Scholar and Polyhistor. Son of a rich merchant, he left school and went to the colony of Guadeloupe to learn trade. Back in Nantes (1677) and after the bankruptcy of his father studied medicine and joined the Benedictine Order at Saint-Maur in 1682. As monk he studied church fathers at the  Abbey of Saint-Germain-des-Prés in Paris. Opposing his superiors he was put in prison in 1696, but escaped and left France. For a while studied under Buxtorf at Basel, then teacher in Berlin. From 1697 court librarian in Berlin, although with a very modest salary. In Basel adopted Reformed faith. Of Oriental languages he knew at least Semitic, Armenian and Coptic.

Publications: A number of historical works, some about Asian matters (but much more was left unpublished).

Histoire du christianisme des Indes. 570 p. la Haye 1724.

Sources: W[eis]s, B.U. 23, 1819, 77-80; Wikipedia with portrait and further references (as V. de La Croze, more details in French version).

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