VOGT, Hans Kamstrup

VOGT, Hans Kamstrup. Fredrikstad, Norway 1.6.1903 — Oslo 25.9.1986. Norwegian Linguist. Professor in Oslo. Educated at Lycée Corneille in Rouen, studies at the universities of Paris and Oslo. Graduated in classics at Oslo in 1928. In 1929 studied Armenian in Paris, in 1932 a year Georgian and Kartvelian in Tbilisi. Ph.D. 1936 Oslo. In 1937-38 further studies of linguistics at Yale under E. Sapir, also field-work on Kalispel Indians. Then worked in Oslo. In 1946-63 Professor of Romance Lin­guistics at Oslo, in 1963 succeeded A. Sommerfelt as Professor of General Linguistics. Retired in 1973. Marred 1940.

HKV was a famous specialist of Caucasian and Armenian languages, who also wrote on Ossetic, Basque and Burushaski, on Norwegian phonology and on Amerindian languages.

Publications: diss. Esquisse d’une grammaire du géorgien mod. 1936, rev. ed. 1972.

on Amerindian: The Kalispel Language. An Outline of grammar with texts, translations, and a dictionary. Oslo 1940; Salishan Studies. Oslo 1940.

with G. Morgenstierne & C. Hj. Borgstrøm: “A Triplet of Burushaski Studies”, NTS 13, 1942, 59-147; alone: “The plural of nouns and adjectives in Burushaski”, NTS 13, 1945, 96-129.

Dictionaire de la langue oubykh. Oslo 1963.

numerous articles.

Sources: Fr. Thordarson, Norsk Biobr. Lex. in https://nbl.snl.no/Hans_Vogt and *Lex. Gramm. 1996, 979f.; briefly in Wikipedia.

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