VOIGT, Wolfgang

VOIGT, Wolfgang. Friedenau/Berlin 17.7.1911 — Berlin 30.8.1982. German Indologist. Editor of the VOHD. Studied at Berlin Indology (Lüders, Breloer), Iranian (Schaeder) and Theology, then at Marburg Sanskrit and Tibetan (Nobel), Religion (Heiler) and Theology. Ph.D. 1936 Marburg. First Theological examination 1937. From 1937 worked in Berlin University Library, from 1939 in Prussian State Library. Participated in the war, was wounded and taken in interment in 1940-46. After the war worked in Marburg University Library. As Director of the Oriental Division of Staatsbibliothek Preussischer Kulturbesitz created the division anew, retired from the library in 1976. In 1957 among the founders of the VOHD, from 1961 its editor. Also Director of Nepal-German Manuscript Preservation Project. Hon.dr. 1975 Heidelberg.

WV always held himself as an Indologist, although his few publications were not dealing with it. On the other hand, his work as organiser was of a great and permanent value.

Publications: diss. Die wertung des Tieres in dem zarathuštrischen Religion. 61 p. Christentum und Fremdreligionen 5. München 1937.

Orient-Literatur in Deutschland und Österreich 1945–50. 1950.

articles about the VOHD; edited ZDMG Suppl. 1-2.

Sources: Folia rara. Festschrift W. Voigt. VOHD Suppl. 19. Wb. 1976, with photo; ZDMG 135, 1985, with another photo.

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