VOSTRIKOV, Andrej Ivanovič

VOSTRIKOV, Andrej Ivanovič. Agarevka (Ogarevka) village in Atkarskij uezd, Saratov gub. 10.(23.)10.1902 — 26.9.1937 (Milib. 26.10., some say, probably mistakenly, in 1939 or 1942). Russian Indologist, Tibetan and Mongolian Scholar. Son of a priest. He graduated 1924 from Petrograd University. Student of Ščerbatskij. Dr. literaturovedenija 1935. In 1924-37 naučnyj sotrudnik in Asian Museum, Institute of Buddhist Culture and Oriental Institute in Leningrad. In 1927-32 spent every summer in fieldwork in Buryatia. He was arrested in April 1937 was executed. Even before he had difficulties in publishing his studies.

Publications: at least 10 items, e.g.

on Tibetan literature, BSOS 8, 1935, 51-76 (Russian origina in Bližnij Vostok 1934; “The Nyāyavārtika of Uddyotakara and the Vananyāya of Dharmakīrti”, IHQ 9, 1935, 18-35.

Letopis’ barguzinskih burjat. Teksty i issledovanija. 75 p. M.–Lg. 1935.

Tibetskaja istoričeskaja literatura. 417 p. M. 1962, Tibetan historical literature. Transl. by H. C. Gupta. 278 p.

Sources: N. Poppe, Reminiscences, Western Washington 1983. *Said to be mentioned by Solženitsyn in Gulag I, p. 5; Miliband, Biobibliogr. slovar’ sovetskih vostokovedov. 1977 & 1995 (omitting the camp!); Vasil’kov & Sorokina 2003 with photo; photo also in his 1962 book.

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