VULLERS, Johann August

VULLERS, Johann August. Bonn 23.10.1803 — Bonn 21.1.1880. German Oriental (Arabic and Persian) Scholar. Professor in Giessen. Born in a Roman Catholic family, educated in Bonn. From 1822 studied at Bonn Catholic Theology, philosophy (Windischmann) and soon also Oriental languages (Ritter, Freytag). In 1827-30 studied in Paris Arabic & Persian (Silvestre de Sacy), Syriac (Quatremère), Turkish (Kiefer) and Chinese (Abel-Remusat). Ph.D. 1830 Bonn (or Halle?). Spent 6 months in Berlin studying Sanskrit under Bopp. PD 1831 Bonn. Now also studied Sanskrit under A. W. von Schlegel. From 1833 Professor of Oriental Languages at Giessen (ord. 1835), at the same time studied 4 years medicine at Giessen in order to understand Oriental medicine. Hon. 1846 Giessen. Retired a few years before his death. Twice married.

JAV was the first scholar to deal with New Persian with the methods of historical linguistics and study its Old and Middle Iranian background (excluding the numerous loans from Arabic). Important was also his attempt to understand Oriental medicine, including Indian Āyurveda. At Giessen he also taught Sanskrit.

Publications: ed. & tr. into Latin: Harethi Moallaca. Bonn 1827; Tarafae Moallaca. Bonn 1829.

Fragmente über die Religion des Zoroaster aus dem Persischen übers. Bonn 1831.

Grammaticae arabicae elementa. Bonn 1832.

Chrestomathia Schahnamiana… ed., annot. & glossario locupleti instruxit. Bonn 1833; ed. Mirchondi historia Seldschukidarum. 1838; ed. & tr. Mirchondi Geschichte der Seldschuken. Bonn 1838; Syntaxis et ars metrica Persarum. Giessen 1850; Vitae poetarum persicorum ex Dauletschahi historia poetarum excerptae persice at latine. 1. Hafiz. Bonn 1839; 2. Anvar. B. 1868; Firdusii liber regum. 1-3. Leiden 1876-84 (completed by S. Landauer).

– “Alt-Indische Geburtshilfe aus Susruta’s System der Medicin übers. & erl.”, Janus 1, 1846, 225-256.

Institutiones linguae persicae cum sanscrita et zendica comparatae. Giessen 1840.

Lexicon persico-latinum etymologicum. 11+965+1566 p. Bonn 1855-64; Supplementum Lexici p.-latini continens verborum lingua persicae radices. Giessen 1867.

Sources: Dugat 2, 1870, 265-272; L. Paul, Enc. Iran. online ed. 2016 with photo and further references; German Wikipedia.

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