PAUL, Hermann

PAUL, Hermann Otto Theodor. Salbke bei Magdeburg 7.8.1846 — Munich 29.12.1921. German General, IE, and Germanic Linguist, one of the leading Neogrammarians. Professor in Freiburg and Munich. Son of master mason Peter Jakob Paul. After gymnasium in Magdeburgfrom 1866 studies at Berlin (Steinthal) and Leipzig (Zarncke, Curtius & Leskien), where Ph.D. 1870 and PD 1872 in Germanic. From 1874 ao. Professor and from 1877 ord. at Freiburg (i.Br.), from 1893 Professor der deutschen Philologie at Munich, retired from teaching in 1916. In later years mainly concentrated on the development of Modern German. Suffered early of eye problems and finally became blind. Married 1905 Wilhelmine Peter, no children.

Publications: Much on Germanic linguistics and philology, e.g. “Zur Geschichte des germanischen Vokalismus”, Beiträge zur Gesch. der deutschen Sprache 6, 1879, 1-256 and Grundriss der germanischen Philologie. 1-2. 1891-93 and several editions.

Prinzipien der Sprachgeschichte. 1880, 5th ed. 1920.

Sources: Deutsches biogr. Jahrbuch 3, 1921, 206-208 & 311; U. Hass-Zumkehr, N.D.B. 20, 2001, 115f.; W. Neumann, Lex. gramm. 1996, 706-7088; W. Streitberg, *Idg. Jb. 9, 1922-23, 280-285 (republ. in Sebeok 1966:1, 549-554); Wikipedia with photo (more in German version).

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