BAINBRIDGE, Reginald Balopooreah

BAINBRIDGE, Reginald Balipooreah. Channel Islands 2.5.1871 — Arrah, Bengal 1.5.1914. British Civil Servant and Ethnologist concentrating on the Saoria tribe (also known as Pahariya) of Bihar. He has been difficult to identify as he has not left many traces. He is not among members of A.S.B. in 1906. The study is written in an impersonal style, the only facts coming out are that he was a civilian (Mr.) and married. The life data above and what follows reamins tentative. One Bainbridge served already in I.C.S. in 1857 and apparently our B. also belonged to it. Thus he seems to be Reginald Balipuria B. of, with the above dates. He was the son of Reginald Newton B. and Telaie Serimootee BalipooreahHe married 1894 Ethel Stuart Heward (1872–1907) in India, four sons. C. Anderson, Legible Bodies Race, Criminality and Colonialism. Oxford 2004,  64 defines him as Sub-Divisional Officer of Godda (Bihar).

Publications: “The Saorias of the Rajmahal Hills”, M.A.S.B. 2, 1907-10, Calcutta 1911, 43-84.

Sources: Not in Who Was Who. L-P. Vidyarthi in his Rise of Anthropology in India. 160 calls him “scholarly oriented administrator”.

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