BAINES, Jervoise Athelstan

BAINES, Jervoise Athelstan. Bluntisham, Hunts 17.10.1847 — 26.11.1925. Sir. British Civil Servant in India and an Ethnologist. Son of the Rev. Edward B. and Catherine Eulalia Baines. Educated at Rugby, and Trinity College, Cambridge. Served in the I.C.S. in Bombay 1870-89. Then Census Commissioneer under the Government of India 1889-93. Returned to England, served at the India Office, and as the Secretary to the Royal Commission on Opium 1994-95. Retired in 1895, lived then in Oxford. K.C.B. Married with Constance Pyne, one son and one daughter.

Publications: History of Gujarat, Maratha Period. 47 p. Bombay 1879 (from Bombay Gazetteer).

Census of India, 1891. General Report. L. 1893; “The Language Census of India”, Tr. of 9th Int. Congress of Or. L. 1892, 1, Indian and Aryan Section, 1893, 80-127.

Ethnography (Castes and Tribes). 211 p. Grundriss der Indo-Arischen Philol. u. Altertumskunde. Strassburg 1912.

Sources: Who Was Who 1916-1928; works in N.U.C.


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