PICTET, Adolphe

PICTET, Adolphe. Genève 9/11.9.1799 — 12/20.12.1875. Swiss Officer and IE Scholar. Teacher and Docent in Geneva. Son of the well known diplomat and politician, the member of Genevan Government Charles Pictet-de Rochemont, his cousin was the theologian Bened. P. Studies at Hofwyl (Bern), then from 1820 in Paris, at German universities and from 1823 in Scotland. Artillery officer. From 1840 Professor of Aesthetics and History of modern Literatures at Genevan Academy, from 1844 also PD at the University.

Publications: De l’affinité des langues celtiques avec le sanscrit. P. 1837.

Les origines indo-européennes ou les Aryas primitifs. 1-2. P. 1859-63, 2nd ed. 1-3. 1877.

articles on IE etymology and cultural history, e.g. in KZ 4-6, 1855-57.

further publications on Celtic, on classical philology, and on Aesthetics (Du beau dans la nature, l’art et la poésie. 1856).

Sources: Hist.-Biogr. Lex. der Schweiz 5; La Grande Encyclop. 26; R. Engler, Lex. gramm. 1996, 728 (corrects some faults in earlier sources); Wikipedia with portrait (more details in French version).

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