PINCOTT, Frederic

PINCOTT, Frederic. 1836 — Lucknow 1896. British Indologist. Apparently he was in India. Last years living in London (1892).

Publications: The Śakuntalâ in Hindî. The Text of Kaṅvar Lachhman Siṅh. Critically edited. with grammatical, idiomatical, and exegetical Notes. 12+137 p. L. 1876.

The Hitopadesa of Vishnusarman. A new literal translation from the Sanskrit text of F. Johnson. 4+100 p. L. 1880, new ed. 1910.

Analytical Index to Sir John W. Kaye’s History of the Sepoy War and Col. G.B. Malleson’s History of the Indian Mutiny: Combined in One Volume. 4+201 p. L. 1880.

Hindi Manual. 8+360 p. L. 1882.

Tarjuma-i Alif [!] Laila ba-zubán-i-Urdú (Do Jild baharfát-i-Yūrop). Romanized under the Superintendence of T.W.H.Tolbort and edited by F.P. L. 1882.

– “On the Arrangement of the Hymns of the Rigveda” JRAS 16, 1884, 381-399; “The first Maṇḍala of the Ṛig-Veda”, JRAS 19, 1887, 598-624.

Sikhism in Its Relation to Muhammadanism. 56 p. L. 1885; “The Arrangement of the Hymns of the Adi Granth”, JRAS 18, 1886, 437-461.

– “The Tri-Ratna”, JRAS 1887, 238-246; “The Vajrâsan or Thunderbolt Seat at Mahâbodhi”, Transactions of the 9th C. of Or. London 1892 1, 1893, 245-251.

Social reform by authority in India. 32 p. L. 1892.

– “The Route by which Alexander entered India”, JRAS 1894, 676–689.

The Prema-sâgara, or, Ocean of love: being a literal translation of the Hindî text of Lallû Lâl Kavi, as edited by the late Professor Eastwick; fully annotated and explained grammatically, idiomatically and exegetically, by Fr.P. 20+327 p. Westminster 1897.

Primitive and Universal Laws of the Formation and Development of Language. 270 p. L. 1874.

Sources: Works amply attested in Internet, but nothing about his life.

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