BAKTAY, Ervin (Erwin, to 1925 Baktay-Gottesmann). Dunaharaszti 24.6.1890 — Budapest 7.5.1963 (when 73). Hungarian Art Historian. Originally intended to become a painter, he studied under Simon Hollósy, whose brother Joszef was one of the first in Hungary to be interested in Buddhism. In 1926 he went to India for three years, studied Indian art and religion, and sought in Ladakh for traces of Csoma de Kőrös. In 1946-58 Curator of the Indian Section of the Ferenc Hopp Museum of Eastern Asiatic Art in Budapest. In 1956 he spent six months in India in order to collect material for his book. In 1962 visited London lecturing at the S.O.A.S.

Publications: Several books in Hungarian on India, on his travels there, on Indian religions etc.

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