POBOŻNIAK, Tadeusz. Cracow 1910 — 26.1.1991 (when 80). Polish Indologist and Gipsy Scholar. Professor in Cracow. Born in a poor family, educated in Cracow. Studied Indology at Cracow under Willman-Grabowska, IE under Rozwadowski, and Germanic. M.A. 1938 with a diss. on conjunctive in the Atharvaveda. In 1938-48 Assistant to Willman-Grabowska (with an interruption during the war). Ph.D. 1948 Cracow. As the chair of Sanskrit was closed in 1948 TB prepared his habilitation in linguistics. In 1973 he was allowed to reestablish Indian studies at Cracow and continued teaching also after his retirement. Among his students only P. Piekarski could complete his doctorate, but several young Indologists started under him. Married with Anna P., children.

Publications: diss. Instrumentalis w Gatha. MS. 1948 (in Polish, publ. in SpPAU 1952); hab.diss. Grammar of the Lowari dialect. Prace Komisji Orientalistycznej 3. Cracow 1964.

– “Liquid sounds in the Gypsy language”, RO 15, 1949, 357-370; “The Instrumental in Gatha”, FO 7, 1964, 119-171; “The origin of comparison of adjectives in Hindi”, FO 11, 1969 (1970), 235-238; “Das System der Zahlwörter im Hindi”, Studien zur allg. u. vgl. Sprachwiss. Jena 1976; “Sanskrit and the Romani language”, IT 3-4, 1977; “Die Causativa in der Hindi-Sprache”, FO 20, 1979, 5-21; “Exponents of Plural in Hindi Declension”, FO 24, 1987, 213-217.

– “Mṛcchakaṭikā as a drama of individual characters”, IT 6, 1978, 251-253; “Problem of dream in Milinda-Panha”, Sternbach Vol. Lucknow 1979, 675-678; “Genesis of Milinda-Panha”, WZBerlin 1979.

Liczebnik w hindi. 1960; Cyganie. Kraków 1972; many articles in Polish.

tr. into Polish: Mṛcchakaṭikā. Staged twice; Milindapañha. unpublished.

Tadeusz Pobożniak (1910-1991). Selected articles. Ed. by Agnieszka Kuczkiewicz-Fraś & Halina Marlewicz. 128 p. Cracow Indological Studies 3. Kraków 2001.

Sources: P. Piekarski, Cracow Indological Studies 1, 1995, 13f. & 3, 2001, 9-13 (bibliography ibid. 123-127),

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