PLUNKET, Emmeline Mary

PLUNKET, Emmeline Mary. 1.10.1835 — 6.4.1924. British Historian of Astronomy. Daughter of John Span, the 3rd Baron Plunket, and Charlotte Bushe. Unmarried, living in Wimbledon.

Publications: “Astronomy in the Rig Veda”, OC 12, Rome 1899, 1, 1901, 55-100.

Ancient Calendars and Constellations of the Ancient World. 16+263 p. L. 1903.

; The Judgement of Paris, and some other legends astronomically considered. 238 p. 1908.

Children’s books: Merry Games in Rhyme from Olden Time. L. 1886; Very Short Stories in Very Short Words. 1887

Sources: Stray notes on her books in Internet.

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