PLÜTSCHAU (Plütschow), Heinrich. Wesenberg bei Neustrelitz 1676 — Beidenfleth 4.1.1752 (Hantzsch 1847). German Pietist Missionary in India. Educated in Berlin, then studied theology at Halle. Prompted by Francke to enter missionary career he arrived at Trankebar (Tamilnadu) in 1706 together with Ziegenbalg. In their collaboration there Ziegenbalg concentrated on Tamil, while HP preached in Portuguese and Danish. He suffered of health problems and had to return to Europe in 1712. For a while taught Portuguese and Tamil at Halle, then director of the new missionary seminary in Copenhagen. It was soon closed as there were no suitable students and in 1714 HP became minister of Beidenfleth in Holstein, where he worked more than 30 years.

Publications: Religious textbook in Portuguese.

Sources: V. Hantzsch, A.D.B. 53, 1907, 85-87; Wikipedia.


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