PORZEZIŃSKI, Wiktor Jan (Russian Viktor Karlovič Poržezinskij). Moršansk (or Temnikovo), Russia 23.7.(4.8.)1870 — Warsaw 12.4.1929. Polish Baltic and IE Linguist. Born in a Roman Catholic noble family, educated in Moscow. From 1892 studies at Moscow under Fortunatov. Dr. 1903. From 1895 or 1901 taught as PD at Moscow, in 1903-21 as Professor of IE linguistics (ord. 1905). Professor of IE Linguistics and at Lublin 1922-29 and at Warsaw in 1921 and 1924-25. Among his students in Moscow were Trubetzkoy, M. N. Peterson and R. Jakobson. Taught Sanskrit in Warsaw in the 1920s.

Publications: K istorii form sprjaženija v baltijskih jazykov. 1901; Sravnitel’naja grammatika slavjanskih jazykov. 1. M. 1914; and other publications on Baltic and Slavic.

Vvedenie v jazykovedenie. M. 1907, 4th ed. 1916, German tr. Einleitung in die Sprachwissenschaft. 229 p. Lp. 1910.

Sources: W. Doroszewski, Idg. Jb. 14, 1930, 371-374 with bibliography; M. Kaczmarkowski, Lex. gramm. 1996, 745f.; Russian Vikipedija with photo.

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