POULTNEY, James Wilson

POULTNEY, James Wilson. 21.9.1907 — Baltimore 8.6.1993. U.S. IE Scholar. Professor in Baltimore. M.A. 1941 Johns Hopkins (thesis on Aristophanes). In 1934-37 taught Greek and Latin at Johns Hopkins. The at University of Nebraska, at Carthage College in Kenosha, Wis. and at University of Pennsylvania. From 1942 served as German translator to Army Air Corps in London. After war Professor at Johns Hopkins. Emeritus in 1973.

Publications: Syntax of the Genetive Case in Aristophanes. 1936; Bronze Tables of Iguvium. 16+333 p. American Philological Association Philological Monographs 18. Oxford 1959; articles on Italic, Greek and Latin.

– “The distribution of the nasal-infixing presents”, Language 13, 1937, 163-176; “Some Indo-European final Diphthongs”, AJPh 90, 1969, 146-160.

Sources: http://articles.baltimoresun.com/1993-06-13/news/1993164047_1_poultney-johns-hopkins-university-ceep.

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