PRINCE, John Dyneley

PRINCE, John Dyneley. New York 17.4.1868 — New York 10.10.1945. U.S. Assyriologist, Slavist and Gipsy Scholar. Professor in New York. Son of John Dyneley Pr. and Anna Maria Morris. A.B. 1888 Columbia University. In 1888-89 participated in the University of Pennsylvania expedition to Babylonia, in 1889-90 further studies in Berlin. Ph.D. 1892 Johns Hopkins University. In 1892-1902 Professor of Semitic Languages at New York University, then 1902-15 the same at Columbia University. In 1915-21 and 1933-35 Professor of Slavonic Languages and 1935-37 Professor of Eastern European Languages at Columbia University. In 1921 Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary in Denmark, in 1926-33 in Yugoslavia. Married 1889 Adeline E. Loomis, one son.

In addition to the original Assyriology and later Slavics, his many-sided linguistic interests included Gipsy and Amerindian languages.

Publications: Wrote on Assyriology, Slavics, etc.

– “The English-Rommany Jargon of the American Roads”, JAOS 28, 1907, 271-308; “The Gypsy Language of Denmark”, JAOS 45, 1925, 97-105; “A Brazilian Gypsey Dialect”, JAOS 50, 1930, 139-143.

Sources: Dir. Am. Sch. 1st ed. 1942; Who Was Who in America 2; Wikipedia.

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