PRINGLE, Arthur T.

PRINGLE, Arthur Torrens. 1852? — Madras ?.1.1904. British Civil Servant in India. “Assistant Secretary to the Madras Government, and a writer of note, whose labors and research have earned the gratitude of many better known workers.” At the time of his untimely death he was editing John Fryer’s account of India.

Publications: Hand List of Old Madras Records. 1889; Catalogue of Books and Serial Articles relating to Language in the Imperial Library, Calcutta. Calcutta 1899.

– Facs. edition: Selections from the Consultations of the Agent, Governor, and Council of Fort St. George, 1681. 5+82 p. Madras 1893.

– Edited: Diary and Consultation Book of the Agent (President) Governor and Council of Fort St. George, 1682. 1-4. Madras 1894-95.

List of the military secretaries to the governors-general and viceroys from 1774 to 1908: with biographical sketches. Edited by E. D. Ross and Mr. Claughton. 88 p. Calcutta 1908.

Sources: Buckland, Dictionary; full name in J. J. Cotton, List of Inscriptions on Tombs or Monuments in Madras. Madras 1946, 131;

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