BALFOUR, Francis

BALFOUR, Francis. Fife 1744? — Fernie estate, Fife 7.5.1818. British (Scottish) Physician in India. Son of Arthur B., an officer. Dr.Med. 1767 Edinburgh. From 1769 in E.I.C.’s service in India, mainly in Calcutta, a friend of Warren Hastings and soon joined the A.S.B, where he was very active. Became famous with his “lunatic” research. Also interested in Oriental literature, among the early members of the A.S.B. Retired in 1807, returned to Edinburgh and spent his last years in the family estate. Married 1777 his cousin Emilia Balfour.

Publications: Diss. De gonorrhoea virulenta. Edinburgh 1767.

On the influence of the moon in fevers. Calcutta 1784 & L. 1786, and several editions (see further As.Res. 8); other medical works; articles on Indian subjects in As. Res. (on Arabic, Persian and Hindustani).

– “A Table containing Examples of all the different Species of Infinitives and Participles that are derived from Tri-literal Verbs, in the Form in which they are used in the Persian, and in the Language of Hindustan”, As. Res. 2, 1790, 207-223.

Sources: Several defective 19th century biographies quoted in the Br. Biogr. Archives; Buckland, Dictionary; S.L.L[ee], D.N.B. 3, 1885, 50; Wikipedia.

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