QUACKENBOS, George Payn. 1879 — 1947. U.S. Linguist interested in Sanskrit. In 1910 Instructor in Latin at New York City College. N.B. there was an elder G.P.Q. (1826–81) who wrote a number of textbooks.

Publications: “Classical allusions to the pearl-fisheries of the Persian Gulf”, Spiegel Mem. Vol. Bombay 1908, 251-255.

edited & translated: “The Mayūrāṣṭaka, an unedited Sanskrit poem by Mayūra”, JAOS 31, 1911, 343-354.

Mayūra. The Sanskrit poems. Ed. with transl., notes and introduction, together with the text in transliteration and transl. of Bāṇa’s Caṇḍīśataka. 384 p. Indo-Iranian Series 9. N.Y. 1917.

Sources: Work in the N.U.C.

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