TABARD, Antoine Marie

TABARD, Antoine Marie. Torigni-sur-Vire, Normandy 15.10.1863 — Mysore 2.7.1926 (when 63). Rev. French Missionary and Indologist in India. Roman Catholic priest. Educated at home and in Caen. M.A. 1881 Paris. After missionary education he was ordained priest in 1886 and sent to Bangalore as a teacher. He spent the rest of his life in India, teaching mathematics, physics and chemistry at St.Joseph’s College in Bangalore in 1891-1924. Also chaplain of St.Patrick’s cathedral (1891-1926). Very active in social work. In 1925 he went to France because of an illness, returned in January 1926, but did not recover

Having wholly embraced his new nationality Tabard concentrated in his studies on the history and culture of Mysore. He emphasized the importance of the south in the study of Indian history and culture. With F. J. Richards (I.C.S.) he founded the Mythic Society in 1909 and was its president from 1912 until his death. He was also active in the foundation of Mysore University. Knew Tamil and Kannaḍa.

Publications: “Published a treatise on the birth-place of Buddha and made antiquarian research” (JRAS); many articles in QJMS.

Transl. into English Lacôte’s Essay on Guṇâḍhya and the Bṛhatkathâ. 228 p. Bangalore 1923.

Sources: S. Srikantaiya et al., QJMS 17, 1926-27, 3-13 with a photo and a portrait medallion; JRAS 1926, 807; C. Browne in

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