QUEYROZ, Fernão de

QUEYROZ, Fernão de. Canavezes near Amarante 1617 — Goa 12.4.1688. S.J. Portuguese Priest and Historian in India. Joined S.J. in 1631 and arrived at Cochin in 1635. In 1635-41 studied philosophy, then Theology in Goa. From 1647 taught Theology at St. Paul’s College in Goa. Rector of college in Thana (1653) and Bassein (1659). From c. 1659 Deputy of Inquisition in Goa (for 16 years). In 1671 nominated Patriarch of Ethiopia (staying in Goa), also Praepositus of Profess House in Goa. For a while parish priest in Salsette, in 1677-80 Provincial of Goa Province.

He never went to Sri Lanka, but working on Pedro de Basto’s papers made him interested in its history. His work is said to be one of the best early histories of early colonial period of Sri Lanka, completed in Goa in 1687. On it is based Paul E. Pieris’ Ceylon, the Portuguese Era. 1-2. 1913, and several articles by S. G. Perera. It remained unpublished, the manuscript was first kept in Portugal, then in Brazil and finally came to Sri Lanka, where it was published. In his account of Buddhism he stated that similarities between Christianity and Buddhism hailed from the devil (Harris 2006, 16).

Publications: Conquista Temporal e Espiritual de Ceylão. Ed. by P. E. Pieris. 30+994 p. Colombo 1916; The Temporal and Spiritual Conquest of Ceylon. English transl. by S. G. Perera. 28+28+1274 p. Colombo 1930.

Historia da Vida do Veneravel Irmão Pedro de Basto, Coadjutor Temporal da Companhia de Jesus. 28+594 p. Lisbon 1689.

A summary of the Bhagavadgītā in Portuguese, publ. (?) Evora 1922; two unpublished accounts of Hinduism.

Sources: Review by W.H.M[oreland], JRAS 1931, 880-882; E. M. Pope, India in Portuguese Literature. 1937, 166-168; G. Schurhammer, “Unpublished manuscripts of Fr. Fernão de Queyroz. BSOAS 5:2, 1929, 210-215; Portuguese Wikipedia.

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