TAYLOR, George Pritchard

TAYLOR, George Pritchard. Cambay 1854 — 1920. Rev. British (Irish) Missionary in India. Son of Joseph van Someran Taylor (1820–1881), missionary in India, translator of the Bible in Gujarātī and author of a grammar (below). Also the grandfather, Joseph T. (d. 1859) had been missionary (in Belgaum) and was possibly the son of —> John Taylor. M.A. D.D. The family had background in Northern Ireland and GPT was ordained in Belfast in 1877. Arrived at Surat, 1878. For 28 years principal of Stevenson Divinity College in Ahmedabad. Married.

Publications: Translation of the Desh Vibhag Lekh of Swami Sahajananda. 1903.

Revised edition of his father’s Gujarātī bhāṣānuṁ vyākaraṇ. Surat 1903.

The Student’s Gujarati Grammar: with exercises and vocabulary. 2nd ed. 271 p. Bombay 1908.

The Coins of Tipu Sultan, Calcutta, 1914.

Articles on numismatics in JBRAS 1902, 1904 and 1908.

Sources: Death briefly noted in ABORI 1:2, 1919-20, 192; Wikipedia.

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