TAYLOR, John. 17?? — Shiraz 6.12.1821. British (Scots) Physician and Indologist in India. M.D. 1804 Edinburgh. Worked in 1805-07 for London Missionary Society in Madras, then as government Assistant surgeon (1807) and Surgeon (1821) in Bombay.

Publications: Translated: Prabod’h Chandro’daya, or Rise of the Moon of Intellect; an allegorical Drama, and Atma Bodh, or, the Knowledge of Spirit, translated from Shanscrit and Pracrit. 15+121 p. L. 1812, 2nd ed. by Tookaram Tatya. Bombay 1893; German transl. by J. G. Rhode: “Prabod’h Chandro’data, das ist, der Aufgang des Mondes…”, Beiträge zur Alterthumskunde mit bes. Rücksicht auf das Morgenland 2, B. 1820, 41-99.

Translated: Lilawati: or a treatise on arithmetic and geometry. Bombay 1816 (of Bhāskara).

Sources: Wikipedia briefly.

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