THÉVENOT, Jean de. Paris 16.6.1633 — Mianeh, Persia 28.11.1667. French Traveller in Persia and India. Nephew of Melchisédek Th. (1620–1692), librarian and Oriental scholar. First several travels in Europe (1652-55), Levant (1655-59) and Persia (1663-66). In January 1666 came by sea from Persia to Surat, from there went to Ahmedabad and later to Golkonda, visited Masulipatam, in autumn 1667 returned from Surat to Persia, where died soon. In his travel book JT both gave excellent observations and good summaries of second-hand information.

Publications: Relation d’un voyage fait au Levant. P. 1665, vols. 2-3 (Suite du voyage and Troisième partie des voyages) postumously publ. in 1673 and 1683, English tr. by A. Lovell, Travels into the Levant, i.e., Turkey, Persia, the East Indies. 1687.

Sources: B.U. 45; N.B.G. 45; Oaten 1909, 192-197; Wikipedia with portrait from his book.

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